Governance Model

The Building Blocks of Trust

Our Governance Model includes policies in five core areas that enable a collaborative ecosystem and ensures all of us are held to the highest standards — while receiving value.

For enterprise organizations, these considerations are plenty to handle even without global data protection requirements or supply chain crises. Worrying less about those last two requires full organizational alignment and visibility on all fronts, all the time. It’s no small task.

How can you pull it off? By sharing data in order to secure it.

IBM Food Trust uses blockchain to share information across a decentralized network. Each organization has ownership over their information which is secured cryptographically. Our governance framework and technology also allow full control over what is shared with whom and the integration with third-parties.

“By simplifying on-farm and front-office reporting and putting data on the blockchain, IBM Food Trust has helped Dole unlock the value of compliance data across our suppliers and partners in a cost-effective way.” Natalie Dyenson, VP - Food Safety and Quality, Dole