Standards and Interoperability

Working together to go places.

The global food supply chain already has excellent standards. IBM Food Trust uses blockchain technology to fit seamlessly within what works.

“As an individual organization there’s only so much we can do. But together as a team, powerful retailers and other food manufacturers can do a whole lot more.” Howard Popoola, Vice President - Corporate Food Technology and Regulatory Compliance at The Kroger Co.

Standards and interoperability, fully loaded

With fines and delays threatening the profitability of even top organizations, better line of sight into supply and logistics events is imperative. Partnering with industry leaders like GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative), IBM Food Trust upholds current leading supply chain practices and paves the way for new ones. The exchange of clear and accurate information to any network user is built into our technology. Also built in is compliance with GS1, the global standard for business communication.

Easing the friction of cross-corporate collaboration

How do you achieve true peer-to-peer transaction via consensus, confidentially, and at scale? Hyperledger Fabric, the brainchild of IBM and Digital Asset during a Hackathon, solves for this problem. It’s a framework that undergirds blockchain and the food supply chain, in all their complexity.